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All Prices do not include sales tax
Internet Services
Email Only,    $5.00 per month
Premium Dial Up    $19.95 per month

Unlimited 64k ISDN    $34.95 per month
Unlimited 128k ISDN    $79.90 per month
Standard DSL    *$49.95 per month
Premium 6m aDSL *79.95 per month
* Requires a $60.00 setup fee and 12 month commitment.

For questions regarding Dial Up or DSL pricing, or information on signing up with TNWEB Internet, please contact

Hosting Services:
Personal Web Hosting#    Free with Account
Commercial Web Hosting    $25.00 per month
Secure Site Hosting    $15.00 per month
Domain Hosting    $20.00 per year
# Personal webspace is for a personal, non-commercial web site only. No banner ads or solicitations of products or services, commercial/affiliate links, or storage for other sites for commercial purposes (including auction sites such as Ebay) are allowed. Also, no adult, illegal, warez, hacker, or similar objectionable content is allowed.